opening: 26/11 (thu) at 4.00PM, the period of the exhibition: 26/11 – 13/12/2009

This X-Edit Contest Photography Fri “A child with disabilities dear as it is, because it is”. For the competition were received from 28 authors, 219 works. On 28 October, discussed jury composed of Chairman Chris Niedenthal, members: Małgorzata Bal, Agata Miklaszewska, Hanna Musiałówna, Zbyszek Carewicz.

Awarded the main prize:
II prize equally:
Wojciech Nowicki, Jacek Świętochowski

III prize equally:
Alicja Plewnia, Bartosz Jarosz

Honors: Kamila Glapińska, Michał Leśniczak, Jan Młynarczyk, Kamil Pyc, Kazimiera Wesołek

More information about the contest and showcase the work of the previous edition of the contest at:


O konkursie / About

Photo competitions are great for everyone. Photographers must be something to think on a given subject, then they must do so or, as sometimes happens, pull out usable images from the archive. May at the same time to win something.

And I, as a member of the jury I have great pleasure in communing with a lot of other people’s pictures. Admittedly, I’m pre-set critical, but it only sharpens the senses. In these few hours we pass something like a condensed course of photography, the whole time wondering why this photo is just good, and this evil. Time, however, if the topic is worth it, we can raise awareness in others.

And this contest, though small, does just that.


Chris Niedenthal