seance: 17/03/2012 at 7.00PMWojtek

Wojtek Sówka passed away, just 12 days after the show in the gallery documentary about his last major project. It’s very sad.

“12 metrów”, movie about the last Wojtek Sówka’s project

“12 meters”  is a movie made by Magda and Tomek Karopowicz. They have made an effort to tell a story about Wojtek Sówka, who is musician and musical instruments creator. In 2009 he finished his daring idea to build twelve meters long drum. He said, that: “Instrument is a gate to the another world, if its hundred or thousand times bigger its opening a gigantic gate, entrance for not only one, but for many more people”.

Exhibition Gallery is inviting you for this unique journey, which will happened on Saturday  March, 17th at 7P.M (free entrance)