opening: 15/01 (fri) at 6.00PM, the period of the exhibition: 15/01 – 30/01/2010

Mikołaj Dziekański 5.11.1978r born. in Warsaw. In 1997-2001 studied at the Faculty of Agriculture Warsaw Agricultural University. Where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture. In 2000-2005 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Department of Painting. Diploma in the studio of Professor Jaroslaw Modzelewski. For my thesis, and received honorable mention dean’s prize, Diploma 2005”-founded by Voivod Mazovia at the initiative of Professor Jozef Szajna and the Studio Gallery. Since 2006. working in the home school as an assistant professor in the studio of Marian heron. Engaged in painting, drawing and wall painting.