Dziękuję Ci Przyjacielu za troskę, uwagę jaką mnie darzyłeś, za to czego mnie nauczyłeś, za Twój wysiłek wkładany w prowadzenie galerii. Żegnaj Łukasz!

Mateusz Bal

Łukaszu, chciałbym Ci serdeczne podziękować za lata sympatycznej współpracy przy tworzeniu tej wirtualnej części Wystawy. Żegnaj!

Marcin Siuda

Zbyszek Carewicz, 1st place

Author statment: This autumn, as every year, charges of the “Foundation for Helping Handicapped Children HIPOTERPIA”, participated in St.Hubertus hunter race.Nice looking riders and horses arrived at fields of Wilanów. The race started with sounds of hunter horns, brought a lot of fun both to a running away fox and riders. This time Ania catched the fox.Who will be the winner of the next race? We will find out next year

Arkadiusz Dziczek, 2nd place

Author statement: While I was taking pictures of Andrzej and his mother first of all I saw their love.This is fantastic to make photos of humans and their feelings.

Wojciech Nowicki, 3rd place

Author statement: What can we say more than quoting a Bible for the next Sunday of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe: “Everything what you have done to one of my little brothers, you have done to Me.”

Our Michaś teaches us this patiently every day.



Jury of Chris Niedenthal, Małgorzata Bal, Ewa Krajska, Agata Miklaszewska, Filip Miller awarded prizes and distinctions. The Competition was organized under honourable patronage of Ms. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz – President of Warsaw. This Competition has it’s history and tradition. This is 9th edition of it.

Małgorzata Bal, initiator of the photography competition says: Aim of this competition is that people who make photos, both professionals and amatours, try to make for us the world of handpicapped kids, their families and friends a little bit more understandable, because this reality is for many of us completely unknown. The Association would like this event to fruit in goodness and care coming from many hearts.


Patronat Honorowy
Prezydent Miasta St. Warszawy
Hanny Gronkiewicz-Waltz