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Mateusz Bal

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Marcin Siuda

opening: 19/04 (tue) at 6.00PM, the period of the exhibition: 19/04 – 4/05/2011

Go Nuclear! Series

It is strange that inside something as small and practically invisible as the atom lies the power to transform so much.  These works deal with the nuclear processes and capabilities which, when unleashed, not only change their surroundings, but also the people witnessing them.  The overwhelming and sometimes terrible visual displays they conjure can transform the normal person into a voyeur.  There is a primitive fascination with potential danger if safely viewed from afar.  There is an awe or dread of something enormous taking place.  On one hand, we appreciate a spectacle if we can see it disconnectedly within the protected walls of our homes, or as a tiny photo in a book or via the internet, separated by both time and place.  On the other hand, we can also appreciate the beauty which takes place if such events occur in a completely different context.  The irony is that it is only distance which indicates whether or not the event is terrible or not.  More ironic, is that in this same situation, the local “reactions” society has experienced which have brought much pain, death and suffering, pales in scope and size to those far away, remote ones we marvel at, such as in the night sky.  I want to depict in this series of paintings the various events and processes associated with the atom and make a comparison between the many types of nuclear events, without the weight connected with nuclear issues.  Furthermore, I would also like to depict in the series an association with some of the often overlooked occurrences of the nuclear process which are non threatening only due to their great distances from us.  I am interested in the grand physical processes which take place on enormous scales, without any of the social, moral or environmental attachments people put onto them because of turbulent geopolitical histories and technological disasters. Opinions are already too varied and too commonplace, so these works are not a commentary about the state of nuclear power, weapons, or technologies.  These works are a detached observation of both the natural and unnatural nuclear reactions, and our interactions with them, so the focus may be upon the physical enormity of the forces taking place.  The works bring safety to a dangerous situation, and sterilize a normally threatening occurrence.

Shelters, “You’ve Lost Everything, Things Are Still OK”

These recent paintings focus on shelters in various forms and constructions, as well as reference traditional Hollywood post-apocalyptic themes. It is my goal to confront the viewer with scenes that the present culture finds increasingly distressing or objectionable due to the poor living conditions depicted in the works. Context is everything when regarding the paintings, as well as the circumstances involved for any fictional individual imagined occupying the scene. A choice must also be made regarding the status of these imaginary dwellers. Because none are present in the scenes, one must question their whereabouts and their fate. For most onlookers, an immediate focus is shifted towards the negative regarding the scene and its inhabitants. People are less concerned about basic needs being met and the protection a shelter can provide in moments of extreme adversity, as opposed to a guaranteed comfortable and materialistic lifestyle. And while I am not concerned with any ecological aspects of this trend, these works are done to mock society’s growing phobia of death and suffering of any kind, and its obsession with increasing prosperity, long life, materialistic comfort and safety.


Chris Hernandez was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1974.
He attended Southwest Texas State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, with a dual emphasis in both Metalsmithing and Painting, Magna Cum Laude. After his graduation Chris spent the following years living in Austin, Texas, building up a portfolio of works and adapting his artistic style and subject matter. Over the years he has taken on a more representational/narrative approach to his painting with the theme of geography as its basis. He has been exhibited numerous times and has been a featured artist in the New American Paintings publication, Vol 60 Western United States Edition. He was recently published again in the New American Paintings Anniversary Issue, 2009. Chris now lives in Warsaw, Poland with his wife where he continues his artistic endeavors and works as a Native Speaker in the English language.


Current Works
Shelters Canvas Series, New Drawings and Digital Works, Strumillo Gallery, Suwalki, Poland
New Works Exhibition
Sheri Mays and Chris Hernandez, Brick Oven, Austin, Texas
5×7 Show
Art Splurge & Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas
Here to Haunt You!
New Works by Chris Hernandez and Sheri Mays, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas
5×7 Show
Art Splurge & Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas
Works, New and Old
Solo Exhibit, Adams Ave. Gallery, Austin, Texas
IF+D Interiors, Austin, TX
New Works by B. Hayden Dumas, Chris Hernandez, Leah Markov-Lindsey, Leona Scull-Hons, 708 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas
Will There Ever be a Rainbow?
Bolm Studios, Austin, TX
5×7 Show
Art Splurge & Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas
Solo Exhibit, Cosmology
Grapevine Market, Austin, Texas
5×7 Show
Art Splurge & Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas
5×7 Show
Art Splurge & Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas
Heavy Metal Album Show
Camp Fig Gallery, Austin, Texas
Current Works
Furniture Marketing Group, Austin, Texas
Current Works
Austin Lyric Opera, Austin, Texas
Works by- Chris Hernandez, Andrea Donio, Jake Gaynor, Michael Sieben, Lee Brooks, Dustin Wade, Dennis Hodges, Frankie Elliot, Camp Fig Gallery, Austin, Texas
New Works
Works by- Chris Hernandez, Jeanne Hospod, Sam de la Rosa, Deborah Webb, David Breihan, George Zupp, Jamie Zuverza, Phyllis Boyd, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas
Solo Exhibit
Studio H+L Architectural Firm, Austin, Texas
Backyard Art Show
2111 Arpdale, Austin, Texas
33 Degrees, Austin, Texas
Early Works Presents
Early Works Gallery, Austin, Texas
Ironwood Industries Showcase
Ironwood Industries, Austin, Texas
Featured Artists
Early Works Gallery, Austin, Texas
Emerging Texas Artists
Early Works Gallery, Austin, Texas
Emerging Texas Artists
Early Works Gallery, Austin, Texas


New American Paintings
2010 “15 Years Anniversary Publication”
2005 “Juried Western United States Competition”, No. 60, Juror: Fereshteh Daftari, Assistant Curator, Department of Painting and Sculptor, Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York
October issue 2002
Better Homes and Gardens
Building Ideas Issue, winter 2000